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we are a team of montessori-trained child development & education experts who believe in the transformative power of independence. preparing your home environment is the most impactful way to give children opportunities to practice independence in life-changing ways & we would love to show you how.

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our services offer continual support through every age & stage with our toy edit, toy rotation touch ups, & virtual courses. with the right amount of independence children can feel competent, build self-esteem, & become more cooperative. our prepared spaces provide order, function, & accessibility so kids can build age-appropriate autonomy.
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the toy edit

our signature service provides immediate relief to the overwhelm of children's belongings & routines. your child's space (i.e. playroom, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom) becomes sustainably organized with our simple toy rotation system. this system saves you time & energy, allowing for longer use of the toys you have, increased independence in your child's routines, & quicker, low fuss clean-up time. 

toy rotation touch ups

as children grow, they need new things to support their evolving interests & development. our toy rotations supplement our toy edits to ensure your environment is continually prepared to meet your child's ever-changing needs.

new mama's virtual course

whether you or someone you love is expecting a new baby, or you're already caring for an infant, our new mama's course is the perfect introduction to the first year of life. 
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step 1: schedule your free 15 minute video call. this initial step lets us see your home, hear your goals, & make a customized plan for your family.
step 2: book your toy edit. we send you a link to our calendar & you conveniently choose the best time for you. we collect a deposit to hold your appointment date.
step 3: prepare for your toy edit.  we plan & purchase all items on your behalf & bring them with us to your appointment. preparing a storage space for toy rotation ahead of time is important.
step 4: your toy edit. on the day of your appointment two members of our team arrive with containers & perform our service.
step 5: sustain your toy edit. our team provides tips on continuing the toy rotation system with success, we discuss future toy rotations, & provide a toy rotation guide. 


"they will organize your toys in a super cute and useful way that you would have never thought of and create an organizational system that is both beautiful and functional so you can maintain their genius. I literally can breathe easier. which also makes me a better parent."

our free 15 minute video call is the first step in your toy edit journey 

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