CASA Design aspires to reinvigorate families’ sense of harmony through sustainable child-focused adjustments to the home environment.

Using our child-development expertise, we creatively adapt spaces to promote independence. Through prioritizing function, beauty, and order, we transform the atmosphere of spaces to breathe an air of purpose. With our research-based insights, we empower families to face the demands of today and feel confident about tomorrow.




Aubrey is a credentialed Montessori teacher for children ages six through nine, and is a certified Montessori Assistant to Infancy, which focuses on best care practices for children from birth to age three. She earned her Master of Education in School Counseling prior to becoming a Montessori teacher and her background is in developmental psychology. 

After five years in the classroom, Aubrey has taken her passion for child development into the homes of the people in her community. Applying Montessori principles in her own home while homeschooling her two children gives Aubrey a unique connection with parents and inspires her to share her work with as many families as possible.




Christine has earned her Masters of Education from Xavier University and is in her 8th year as a 6-9 Montessori education teacher. She has training in Positive Discipline techniques and purposefully implements those techniques into all CASA Design parent education. She has completed Mindfulness training and seeks to bring the idea of simplicity and self-awareness into all of CASA Design’s projects. Her passion for this company came upon hearing of many frustrations for both parents and children on inconsistencies in expectations specifically in regards to routines and chores. She hopes CASA Design brings positivity and order into each family’s lives that are touched.




Jessica is our Florida-based child development expert and a credentialed Montessori teacher for ages 6-12. Born and raised in Cincinnati, she followed her love for adventure and in 2014, she moved to Jacksonville, Florida. There she met her husband Charles, the two now live with their dog Mac in Atlantic Beach, FL. Jess aspires to celebrate each day and when she works with families, she most enjoys empowering them to create peace, in a home, that supports the needs of each member of the family.