our mission

as teachers of young children, we realized that parents often desired support with routines at home. CASA design was formed out of our strong desire to support children and parents in their most important & intimate environment - home. many everyday challenges in both classroom & home settings stem from an environment that is no longer suitable to the children's needs. our mission is to support thriving parent-child relationships by creating orderly, functional, & beautiful spaces for children to cultivate their independence. children who can do things for themselves, as they naturally want to, experience greater focus & centeredness, as well as increased cooperative energy. we want all families to benefit from the positive effects of offering children opportunities to contribute to their home lives in truly meaningful ways.

our team

aubrey wallen

co-founder, cincinnati
Aubrey is a credentialed Montessori teacher for children ages birth to three and six through nine. After five years of classroom teaching, her path led from serving children in the school environment to reaching families within the sacred space of their homes. Her natural ability to connect with parents became the central focus of her work as CASA Design came to fruition. Aubrey is a Parent Educator for the American Montessori Society and loves providing the valuable information parents need to improve their interactions and experiences with their children, as well as revealing the possibilities their homes can offer in support of their everyday goals. With a Master of Education in School Counseling and background in counseling, human development and psychology are the golden threads that knit together her teaching experience and work with families so beautifully. Aubrey is a Cincinnati native and mother of three. Her young twins are experiencing the benefits of flowing between Montessori home and school environments. Her first son, Joseph, watches over her from the other side of the veil, always guiding her toward bringing her visions into reality.


christine trimmer

co-founder, cincinnati

Christine has earned her Masters of Education from Xavier University and is in her 9th year as a 6-9 Montessori education teacher. She has training in Positive Discipline techniques and purposefully implements those techniques into all CASA Design parent education. She has completed Mindfulness training and seeks to bring the idea of simplicity and self-awareness into all of CASA Design’s projects. Her passion for this company came upon hearing of many frustrations for both parents and children on inconsistencies in expectations specifically in regards to routines and chores. She hopes CASA Design brings positivity and order into each family’s lives that are touched. Christine’s love of networking has really blossomed through this business and she loves to seek out new opportunities to connect with local moms and businesses. Christine is expecting a little one of her own December of 2021 and can’t wait to utilize her CASA expertise in her own home!
"I've already recommended Casa to my family and friends.  Organizing, de-cluttering and setting up a play system is something parents think about doing but most don't have the time, understanding or patience for it.  I know I didn't.  Thank you again Casa - you've truly transformed our play lives."

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we present to groups who have interest in discovering specific ways to improve their relationships with children. our topics range from toy rotation, to toilet learning, to offering safe independence at home & so much more. 
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