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CASA Design aspires to reinvigorate families’ sense of cohesion and joy through simple and sustainable child-focused adjustments to the home environment. By following your child’s stage of development, we creatively adapt your space to promote independence. Through prioritizing beauty and order, the entire atmosphere breathes an air of calm, clarity, and purpose. Empowering families with customized insights they can truly use everyday, we aim to cultivate a balanced dose of confidence in today, and dreams for tomorrow.



Aubrey is from and lives in Cincinnati with her husband and two children. She is a credentialed Montessori teacher for ages six through nine, and is certified as a Montessori Assistant to Infancy, which focuses on best practices of care for children from birth to age three. She believes in the power of the "village" it takes to raise a family and is passionately committed to being part of that village for the families she works with. She loves guiding parents toward deeper understanding of their children's development and offering insights that encourage and empower families to find harmony and joy through purpose in the rhythm of daily life.



Christine has earned her Masters of Education from Xavier University and is in her 6th year as a 6-9 Montessori education teacher. She has training in Positive Discipline techniques and purposefully implements those techniques into all CASA Design parent education. She has completed Mindfulness training and seeks to bring the idea of simplicity and self-awareness into all of CASA Design’s projects. Her passion for this company came upon hearing of many frustrations for both parents and children on inconsistencies in expectations specifically in regards to routines and chores. She hopes CASA Design brings positivity and order into each family’s lives that are touched.