Calling All New Mamas!

Jul 15, 2021

Christine here,

As a first time mama (due December 2021!), I know how bombarded we mamas get with seemingly important information, ads about the latest and greatest, and worst of all, other peoples opinions...and it's EXHAUSTING! 

Give yourself a break. You grew a human!!! If you can do that, you can raise one too. But here at CASA we believe that to be a great mom, you need to treat your child with respect. 

What does that look like? Check out the attached video for a teaser to our virtual course: The New Mamas Workshop. 

But, quick pro tip from Simone Davies and Junnifa Uzodike, authors of The Montessori Baby, try respecting our baby's body like this: "start by asking permission before handling our baby, picking them up, or handing them to someone else. Try saying "hello baby, may I hold you?" If they smile or move in our direction we take it as a "yes" and pick them up...If they frown, look away, or shrink back, we can say "no worries, maybe next time." In this way we tell the baby from the beginning that they own their body and have a choice in how it is handled."

Ready to take our course? Take it at your own pace on your couch with your mocktail. The course includes our carefully curated Registry List (which includes the quoted book!).

To get the whole thing with tips from our expert, Aubrey Wallen M.Ed, as well as O.T. Madeline Dadd, CLICK HERE & GET HALF OFF! 

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