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the toy edit

$175 hourly
our highly trained child-development experts reimagine your space with your child's success in mind. this service encompasses much more than toy organization & includes setting up independence in kitchens, bedrooms, & bathrooms in addition to play spaces.
here's what to expect during the toy edit in spaces specifically for toy organization:
  • editing all toys in the space, paring down any unusable toys, and organizing toys by type
  • toy rotation system conveniently placed near the play space
  • reorientation of furniture in the space to support children's natural movement
  • shopping & purchasing of containers, furniture, and decor as needed for toy display and toy rotation
  • parent education regarding how children play, rationale behind toy display, toy recommendations, & CASA design toy rotation 101 pdf
here's what to expect during the toy edit in other spaces (i.e. kitchen, bathroom, bedroom):
  • kitchen & bathroom
    • creating access for child's things 
    • putting tools in place to encourage participation in routines
    • reorganizing supplies for optimal function for children and adults
  • bedroom
    • editing all toys and books in the space, creating toy rotation if appropriate
    • editing all clothing, reorienting how they are stored
    • reorientation of furniture in the space to support children's natural movement

toy rotation touch ups

as your children grow, we help their environment evolve right along with them. our team takes the guess work out of how, when, and what to rotate, giving your children the exact support they need.


1 toy rotation
this individual toy rotation is just right after an influx of toys (birthdays and holidays, or after another toy subscription delivery), as well as when your child is interested in completely new things and you want to support their enthusiasm.


4 toy rotations
each season brings exciting changes that we can reflect in the toys, books, and crafts we offer at home. CASA will come once a season to help rotate your environment to inspire and connect your child with the magic of the changing seasons.
1 year of toy rotations (6 total)
young children need novelty and variety in their environment to keep up with their rapid growth & exploration. your child will be ready for new activities frequently as they need to acquire & master new skills. every other month CASA will come to rotate your child's materials, & ensure their activities & toys are challenging your child appropriately, reflecting the current season, & following their unique interests.

new mama's virtual course

establish a wonderful foundation for you & your new baby with our insightful course for new mamas & caregivers. this course is a perfect gift for expectant mamas as well! 
aubrey wallen, m.ed. discusses everything from caregiving routines to registry items. this course is a wonderful foundation for any mom-to-be in establishing a loving lifelong relationship.


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toy rotation 101 course


learn the why, when, and how of rotating your own toys at home with the virtual help of two child development experts. this course will make DIY toy rotation doable. 

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